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The Joy Of Coffee Recipes Ebook (downloadable)

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The Joy Of Coffee Recipes Cookbook is here to fulfill your coffee dreams with 100+ coffee recipes!

Discover The Ultimate Way To Try New Coffee Flavors Like A Self-Certified Barista With These Java Recipes. Take back your daily coffee ritual and use it as an opportunity to harness joy and practice mindfulness! We are JOMO--the Joy Of Missing Out.

Instead of wishing you were somewhere else, and having FOMO, JOMO is the act of being present, enjoying the gifts of the moment, and practicing mindfulness. Since coffee is your daily ritual, it's the perfect opportunity to harness joy and practice mindfulness.

In This Book, You'll Discover:
Exactly how to craft fun and flavorful hot or cold coffee beverages.
Create yummy desserts and coffee cakes in the quickest way possible including iconic recipes like Tiramisu and Beignets.
Even learn our best methods for making delicious alcoholic beverages.