French Press Story

Hello! We designed our french press after being sick of drinking terrible coffee while traveling. Chris spent years aboard a submarine and we traveled from coast to coast, but we wanted to drink better coffee no matter where we woke up. 

One day it occurred to us, “hey, why not a stainless steel press?!” We could make it beautiful enough for home, and durable enough for travel. We have continued to improve on our stainless steel beauty and the rest is history!


We had an idea to redesign the french press.  If your favorite on-the-go coffee mug is stainless steel, why shouldn't your french press be as well? We were tired of lukewarm and watered-down coffee when we traveled, and we thought you might be too. You'll love our press and the rich, indulgent, hot coffee that comes out of it.

Unbreakable double-wall stainless steel construction: Coffee or tea will stay hotter for longer with this insulated 18/8 pro grade stainless steel metal design and you will enjoy missing out on the breaking commonly found in glass designs.

Better Coffee: Our press features a double filter design focused on doing nothing but providing you a perfect brew, so you can have the joy of missing out on unwelcome sediment.

Hotter Longer: There should not be a time limit on great coffee and with our double wall insulated design there doesn't have to be. Just grab the cool to the touch handle and pour yourself another hot cup at your convenience.

Large Capacity: 34 ounces of pure liquid bliss means a cup of joy for you and your closest friends. 

When you purchase our french press from our website, you get over $100 in bonuses and extras that we don’t offer anywhere else.