What Does JOMO Mean?

JOMO is joy of missing out
So often when we explain what JOMO means on our Instagram page, we get followers making the connection that JOMO is the opposite of FOMO. JOMO is the Joy Of Missing Out and while the phrase "JOMO" is more commonly used now, it wasn't so popular when we started our business 4 years ago.
Our pace of life can be run by FOMO if we don't intentionally resist the urge to pack every moment full of some Instagrammable experience. The fear of missing out (FOMO) feels empty and anxious, and we can easily trick ourselves into thinking the only remedy is to give in and float downstream...preferably to the next beautifully designed party on the river.
However, the anecdote to FOMO is resistance. It's opposite action, and it's slowing down instead of speeding up. 
choosing JOMO instead of FOMO at the beachIt's letting go of the "should" mentality--"I should go to the party", "I should feel like drinking, everyone else does", "I should make more money", "I should buy the thing", because everyone else is, or at least it appears that way. When we lean in to "should" living, there is less room for authentic living. I don't know about you, but for me, this just breeds more anxiety.
Another thing that JOMO is not, is comparison. When we compare our lives to another person, it's ALWAYS apples to oranges, not apples to apples. I will never meet another person who has the same exact resources + history + professional background + personal goals + dreams + interests + personality + trauma as me, so why do I compare myself to them?!? I've never once compared myself to another person without feeling superior or inferior. It's ugly. 
choosing JOMO and camping instead of another busy weekend.
But when we compare ourselves to others, it grows our FOMO. They like going out. They like staying up late. They are more driven than me. They have more hobbies than me. On and on it goes and we end up spending what little free time we have doing things we think we should do because of comparison.
FOMO is for the birds. I think part of it is that our FOMO is more intense now in the Instagram age. 20 years ago I wouldn't have access to strangers private lives, seeing in HD all the things I could be missing out on.
JOMO is our anecdote. It's going to the wide open places even though we don't have cell service, and not being afraid of missing out on that call, or that invite. It's skipping the party if that's what you feel like because what really sounds restorative is that heavy blanket on your couch and a quiet night. It's eye contact and airplane mode and the end of that book you've been meaning to read and all the flavors and smells from that recipe you've been dying to try.
JOMO is being present and experiencing, with all of your senses, your life in HD, instead of watching others live theirs and feeling like you should be somewhere else.