military spouses feeling appreciated and recognized


Our project, MISSION:JOY, is here to say to the military spouse, "WE SEE YOU AND WE APPRECIATE YOU!"

Being a military spouse (MILSPO) can be a lonely experience, and while the military member gets all the recognition, there aren't any accolades for the MILSPO, even though they make huge contributions and sacrifices. 


coffee for military spouses

The MILSPO usually comes out of civilian life, and leaves their community in order to be a supportiverole to the military member. Alternatively, the MILSPO may stay rooted in their community and maintain their career, but then they make sacrifices in their relationship. While they are in a civilian community and long-distance from their spouse, they are usually the only one in their community in a long-term, long-distance relationship. This also feels lonely and heavy.

 The MILSPO is involved heavily in philanthropy, taking on roles of both parents as the military member is deployed with short notice, and even managing cross-country moves on their own while the military member is in the field or deployed. It's a lot, which makes it even harder to stay in touch with their civilian community and friends from past duty stations.

But what about the military community the MILSPO is a part of?

Yes, military communities are like family, but like family that you've known anywhere from a month to two years. It takes a time to develop friendships and feel known, and f

enjoying coffee with JOMO french press

or most MILSPO's, they don't have time. Right around the time that new MILSPO goes from acquaintance to friend, it's time to move again and that new friendship gets added to a long list of long-distance friendships to keep up with. 

We developed our french press as an antidote to one of the problems we felt in the military.

We wanted a piece of home when we were moving and we wanted to be able to slow down in the morning and enjoy our daily coffee ritual. Before our french press, our only options were stale, watered down, hotel coffee, or throwing everyone in the car for a Starbucks run. We were worn out and cranky! 

experiencing joy by giving back to the military community

We developed our french press for the military family and for others experiencing the chaos of constant travel. Our press brings joy back to your daily coffee ritual and those moments of joy can add up to big wins when you're in the military and life feels out of control.

 We are thrilled to invite you to join us in giving back to the MILSPO community. Think of the french press as the medal the MILSPO deserves, a daily reminder that they are seen and appreciated. What a way to start your day, right?!?

Purchase this french press and we will send it to a military spouse (MILSPO) nominated by our JOMO community! 

How it works:

  1. You purchase this french press

  2. We draw a name from our list of nominated military spouses

  3. We send the winner the french press you bought

  4. the MILSPO receives your gift and feels seen and appreciated!